Tin Nguyen

b. 1989, Vietnam


I’m a visual artist living and working in Brooklyn, NY. 




Tin Nguyen

My paintings start from a re-investigation and observation of lived moments and emotional states. Flowers are feelings, and landscapes are longingness. Autobiographical in nature, I paint what has occurred within my space, surroundings, and my own body, leaving viewers with a glimpse of my inward practice of self-inquiry. 

I reflect on the beauty and poetry in quieter moments that are often overlooked as subjects, while also touching on themes of queer identity, intimacy, and vulnerability. Through the act of painting, the memories and moments of the past that I have chosen to paint allows me to reignite a conversation between the past and present (and all the layered meanings in between).

My work is held in private collections in the USA, the UK, Europe, Africa, the UAE, China, Australia, and Hong Kong.

Contact: tinnguyenh@gmail.com