Tin Nguyen—Selected Paintings

Meditative Realism


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Statement for 2020, 2021

This collection of paintings, smaller in size, started out of confinement in a room in East Williamsburg, and inspired by a mini escape up into the Catskills for fresh air and for getting back in touch with nature.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about drawing and painting as a meeting space between my external and internal landscapes, bridging my personal passages between the material and immaterial world. I’m often drawn to subtleties of light and textures, contours and colors while constantly exploring different modes for healing, for self-inquiry, and for meditation. 

I work with spontaneous lines and brushstrokes, staying within an accepted comfort that my energy and moods do fluctuate daily, weekly, and seasonally. I hope to envelop this acceptance into an evocation / a gentle reminder of innocence, play, and tactility through my paintings.