Tin Nguyen
based in Brooklyn, NY

Recent Paintings
  2021 and prior

        I’m a visual artist living and working in Brooklyn, NY. My paintings are a collection of quiet moments—feelings scaffolded over time—based on what has occurred in my space and surroundings, often starting first as photographs. My paintings explore emotions arising from the subtleties of everyday life while weaving in themes of queer identity, intimacy, and vulnerability. 

        My work have recently been included in group exhibitions with New York galleries, such as Island83, leftovers (2024); Auxier Kline, Queer Naturalism (2024); Alexander DiJulio, Springs Eternal (2023); and a duo exhibition with Ed. Varie, I Feel Everything at a Moment’s Notice (2023). My paintings have also been included in the West Bund Art & Design Fair in Shanghai, China (2022) with Capsule Shanghai. My paintings are held in private collections in the USA, the UK, Europe, the UAE, China, and Australia. 

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